12-50x56 PM II/P

Einheit A B C D E F G K L

Abstand zur Laufseelenachse und Visierlinie 67mm

Sehfeld m/100 m 3,50 - 0,90
Austrittspupille mm 4,55 - 1,18
Augenabstand mm 70
Dämmerungszahl 26,5 - 53,0
Transmission >=90% bei 450-600 nm min.
Okularverstellbereich dptr. +2/-3
Parallaxeausgleich 10 m - ∞
Gewicht g 1.110
Absehen 1. Bildebene P3 / P4 fein
Absehen 2. Bildebene P3L / P4L fein / Sport / Sport fein
⅛ MOA 0-75 MOA ± 14 MOA cw MT DT

Absehen 2. Bildebene


Der Schaft wurde zuerst aus Holz und dann mit 2k Spachtelmasse modelliert.

Der Vorderteil wurde länger als bei üblichen Schäften gemacht um eine bessere Traktion für die schweren 32Zoll läufe zu haben.

Alle Flächen sind Parallel.

Desweiteren beträgt die Vorderbreite 75mm.

Danach "weiß" lackiert damit ein guter kontrast entsteht.

Anschließend 3D-Gescannt.

Fräsbahnen erstellt.

Gefräst :)



Uit-Schiene aus Stahl gefertigt


Bei dem Abzug handelt  es sich um das Barnard Target Model.


Produced in-house, this is a three-lever trigger, single or two-stage selectable by the user.

Billeted from quality steels, contains no pressed steel nor any sheetmetal parts.

Trigger blade position fore and aft can be selected by the user. Normal supply is with the trigger set for two-stage use. Trigger release weight is adjustable from 8 oz to 3.5 lb plus.

Light release weights are achieved with the use of the 'Light' version of trigger spring, which are popular for those competing in F-Class. These springs can be retro-fitted to an existing Barnard Target Trigger or can supplied with any of our Model P, PL, or PT actions when being ordered.




Bei dem System handelt es sich um das Model P-Chey von Barnard.co.nz

A development of the Model P action, The Model P-Chey is a conventional, cylindrical forward-locking turn bolt design, is available as either left or right handed configuration. It has designed to handle the .408 Chey-Tac or the .505 Gibbs cartridges.

The bolt carries three forward locking lugs, is equipped with a Sako style extractor, a bolt face plunger type ejector can be included when an action is being ordered, and bolt face which can be supplied to accept any case rim up to 0.635".  It undergoes finish machining after hardening, and is hand lapped to suit its mating receiver.

The receiver is a 4340 chrome/moly/nickel steel solid bottom cylinder, which is through hardened to 38Rc and finish machined after surface hardening to ensure concentricity.

Supplied as standard with the Barnard Target trigger.

Available Accessories
  The Model P-CHEY has several options available to handle recoil;

  1. a Remington type lug between receiver and barrel
  2. a recoil lug fitted into a slot machined into the receiver bottom
  3. use of a (M10 x 25) recoil dowel pin in a 6061 aluminium bedding block that has been machined to provide 2 parallel points of contact on the action.

 Model P-CHEY


 Receiver Length  215mm  (8.464'')
 Receiver Diameter  39mm  (1.535'')
 Bolt Diameter  24.9mm  (0.980'')
 Complete Action Weight  1.548kg / 54.604oz             (with trigger 1.647kg / 58.096oz)
 Loading Port Length  102mm (4.015")
 Barrel Thread  3/16'' UNF X 16 TPI
 Bolt Face  .408 CHEY-TAC / .505 Gibbs
 Striker Tip Diameter  1.6mm  (0.062'')
 Rail Mounting

 Drilled & tapped (M4) for our full length scope rails

 Action Mounting  1/4 UNF cap screw
 Finish  Blue/Black standard




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